Mobile App Maker

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We’ve made a mobile app creation process incredibly simple! Paste the website link, choose a color and template. Done! Your draft application has been created! You can make an unlimited number of applications in your account. Mobile app has some undeniable advantages compare to website. This is what you get when you convert your website into a mobile app:

1. Holding your existing client accountable

It’s easy to open an app on your smartphone rather than brows a website. It’s more convenient for the user — he doesn`t need to memorize your website address or to look for it in his browser bookmarks.

2. New users

After publishing your app in Google Play and App Store you are able to get new source of referral traffic.

3. Free notifications

You can send free PUSH notifications to unlimited number of people. And you can save a significant amount of money compare to sending text messages.

4. Fast speed app and interface

Mobile apps work and browse faster than usual website. And additional interface elements make website navigation native.

5. Improve search positions

Your website gets higher Google search positions if you place apps icons on your website. Having a mobile app today is the sign of high quality website and content.

6. Saving money on ads

Google Play and App Store markets traffic is much cheaper than search networks`.

How Does Vontainment’s App Maker Work?

Goto and sign up. Use our app creation wizard to get started. Put in the URL of your website or landing page, select colors, layout and design. You can create a custom navigation and links as well as remove elements of your site in the app.


Choose from 4 universal templates, set colors, draw design and remove site elements in app.


Design icons and custom menus for your app.

Push Settings:

Setup a OneSignal Account to use in app notifications.


Change error and status messages.

Graphics Assets:

Logo, App Icons and other images can be customized.

App Download:

Submit your app to our creation servers to be build and download to install or submit to store.

Easy In App Support!

Our app maker has an easy support system. Click the 5th menu icon to get to our in app support ticket system. You can use this to get help fast. We provide support for using our app maker, but we can only provide limited help with setting up your app store accounts.

Our app maker has a feature that allows you to remove parts of your site like the header or menu when using the app. This is great for situations where you may want to use the built in app menu to replace the site menu. To remove a site component goto design > styles. You need to add the CSS selector of component to remove. If you are unsure of this open a support ticket with the site address and compantnet you want removed and we can supply you with the selector.

What Do I Need To Submit To Mobile App Stores?

You will need to create a Google Developer Account and an Apple Developer account if you wish to sign and submit your app to the app stores. As well as easily upload your app keys for signing and submit to the app stores. Find out how below:

How Much Does This Cost?

You can sign-up and design your app totally free. This is great if you are not comfortable with your skill level. To build the app for download or submission costs per build. You can prebuy build tokens to create your app.

Credit Package 1

1 Build | $99.99

Credit Package 2

2 Builds | $179.98

Credit Package 5

5 Builds | $399.95

Credit Package 10

10 Builds | $799.90